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Worlds of experience on the canal

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital city, you're sure to find what you're looking for in the region along the Finow Canal. The Finow Canal adventure region is so close to Berlin and yet so very different. The following tips can only give you a small first impression of the variety of things on offer.

Activities in the region - interactive map

Mobility in the region

Exploring the region by water is of course the big highlight in the Finow Canal region. For all those who do not travel by boat and would like to rent a motorboat or paddleboat on site, or those who are planning a shore excursion, there are numerous possibilities to use public transport.

Arrival by train
Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg
Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn
Barnimer Busgesellschaft
Petrol stations for electric cars
Electric charging stations for bicycles

Tourist information

More detailed information and helpful tips can also be obtained from the various tourist information offices scattered throughout the region:

Kloster Chorin (Chorin Monastery)
Museum Eberswalde
Familiengarten Eberswalde
Touristinformation (Eichhorst)
Jagdschloss Schorfheide (Groß-Schönebeck)
Schorfheide-Information (Joachimsthal)
Krafthaus am Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow
Binnenschifffahrtsmuseum (Oderberg)
Naturpark Barnim e.V. (Wandlitz)
Barnim Panorama Naturparkzentrum / Agrarmuseum (Wandlitz)

Tourist highlights

Finow Canal with historic locks The Finow Canal is the oldest navigable artificial waterway in Germany and runs...
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Industrial history

Did you know that the British Queen Elizabeth II received handmade paper from Eberswalde? Or that some of Eberswalde's...
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Gastronomy / overnight stays

You can find a comprehensive overview of gastronomic offers and overnight accommodation in the Finow Canal region at:...
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Shopping in the region - interactive map
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